Getting Started

Create a new text file called design.txt (or download the example design.txt) and make it UTF-8 encoded to avoid issues with special characters and multiple languages.

1. Place a reference to the file in the head of the site: link type="text/plain" rel="author" href="http://domain.extension/design.txt"

2. Use the headings /*APP*/ or /*SITE*/ , /*TEAM*/ , /*TOOLS*/ , and /*THANKS*/ to form groups. List out the design teams for the website, mobile app (each platform separately), and for any other products.

3. Consult with each person being listed and ask to include the following: role, name, contact (i.e. email), twitter handle, and geolocation.

4. In /*TOOLS*/ you can include additional information about the site/app, like the design tools and software that were used and links to any open source/free design files you may have.

5. Save the file and place the design.txt file in the root of your site

6. Add the Design TXT button to your site and link it to your Design TXT file.

Design TXT Template

    /* APP */

    App Name: Name of your app
    Platform: Android, iOS, ..etc
    Download: App Store/Google Play Link
    Description: Short Description

    /* TEAM */

    Title: Your title/role
    Name: Your name
    Contact: Email, Website, ..etc.
    Twitter: Your Twitter username
    Location: City, Country

    /* TOOLS */

    Last update: YYYY/MM/DD
    Downloads: Link (i.e. any design files that are open source)
    Software: Software used for the design phase


    /* THANKS */

    Name: Name of Person/Organization
    Contact: Email, Website, ..etc.